40w LaterGuide

Pregnancy Weekly Guide

[Week 39 Mother] The last week is finally just around the corner!

You've almost reached the last week of your pregnancy. Regardless of previous deliveries, week 39 is the most common week for births.

It's a good time to double-check your postpartum preparations!

From the time you go into labor, it's about 9 hours if you're a first-time mom and 6 hours if you're a second-time mom, with most moms delivering their babies in 18.5 and 13.5 hours respectively.

The second stage of labor, from when the cervix opens to when the baby is born, usually takes about an hour. Much depends on the ratio of baby to the pelvis, uterine contractions, and the presence or absence of an epidural.

However, if you have an epidural, it may take a little longer.