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Pregnancy Weekly Guide

[Week 20 Mother] Halfway there!

While 20 weeks marks the halfway point of pregnancy, there is a change in obstetric terminology at this point. If you give birth after 20 weeks, it's not a miscarriage, it's a preterm birth.

The definition of preterm is that the baby is big enough, the pregnancy nausea is gone, the baby has gained a lot of weight, and the mother has struggled for quite a few weeks. So, moms, hang in there!

You may feel dizzy or short of breath if you're not getting enough iron. A well-balanced diet is really important during pregnancy.

Maternal anemia doesn't cause serious problems for the baby, but keeping it under control is important.

Does your baby seem to be not moving? Why don't you lie still in a quiet place and try to feel your baby's lovely movements?