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Pregnancy Weekly Guide

[Week 16 Mother] You may see a sudden weight increase.

As the baby and placenta continue to grow, and blood volume increases, a mother's weight typically increases by 300-500g per week.

The extra blood in the mother's body is used to supply nutrients and oxygen to the baby through the placenta.

Additionally, as appetite regulation adjusts, food intake increases, leading to weight gain.

Excessive weight gain during pregnancy can adversely affect both the mother and the baby (such as macrosomia, cesarean delivery, gestational diabetes, and gestational toxicosis).

Around 12 weeks of pregnancy, blood volume increases by about 15%, and by 16 weeks, it increases by approximately 20%.

This can lead to nasal congestion and occasional nosebleeds, but it's generally not a cause for significant concern.

Hormonal changes during pregnancy can also result in increased vaginal discharge. However, if the discharge changes in color, odor, or becomes itchy, it's important to seek medical attention.