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Pregnancy Weekly Guide

[Week 14 Mother] The belly starts to show - people can tell now!

You've transitioned past the early stages of pregnancy and entered the mid-pregnancy phase.

Many expectant mothers find that their morning sickness has subsided or decreased during this time.

However, it's important to note that some mothers continue to experience morning sickness throughout their pregnancy, so consistent management remains crucial.

The size of your belly can vary from person to person, but by now, it's likely noticeably rounded, making it clear that you're pregnant to anyone who sees you.Preparing a few maternity outfits for comfort and practicality is a good idea.

Maternity clothing is designed to stretch and is often made of breathable cotton material, which can be particularly helpful as your metabolism becomes more active, making you feel warmer.

For underwear, consider supportive bras that accommodate your growing breasts while also prioritizing comfort, and sports bras can be a good option.

When it comes to shoes, choose comfortable walking shoes as you may need extra support and stability, especially to prevent accidents.